Getting Top of Mind.

Do you ever feel like your clients are having parties and you’re the only one not invited? That’s exactly what happens to most printing companies when it comes to strategy sessions. Printers simply aren’t part of the marketing “in” crowd.

Too often printers are left sitting in the lobby unless there is a question about print. And those questions generally don’t come up until well after all the really important campaign decisions have been made.

Printers become wallflowers because they’re too shy to move beyond the comfort zone of print production. Marketing executives don’t care about how dots get on paper. They care about issues like how to:

  • Acquire and maintain customers
  • Increase marketing ROI
  • Get to market faster
  • Leverage customer data
  • Find new markets
  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Track results

So How Could a Newsletter Improve My Social Life?

The truth is a newsletter won’t help much if your entire focus is on print production. If you want the cool rich kids (translation: leading companies with big-budget opportunities) to notice you, there has to be some credibility established.

A well-positioned newsletter can help make the case that your knowledge extends beyond ink and paper. What’s more, you can send the newsletter to C-level execs who set strategy and influence decisions but are not part of your everyday contact base.

How Do I Communicate the Print Message?

The best way to promote the value of print is by providing content that lures the strategic folk while still weaving in the print message. For example, you might create a feature article on multicultural marketing opportunities that points out the growth of emerging ethnic markets, their increasing consumer expenditures and who is buying what and why.

Then you create a secondary article pointing out studies indicating that members of the most lucrative emerging minority markets—Hispanic, African American and Asian—are direct mail responsive, but tend to receive far less mail than the average U.S. household. That’s when you introduce your ability to create targeted mail that enables marketers to develop versions in the recipient’s language of choice as well as vary offers by segment.

Direct mail isn’t your specialty? It’s just as easy to develop the newsletter with a slant toward how magazine and book publishers, for instance, are also finding new business in multicultural markets.

Who Will Write the Articles?

The obvious answer is to go outside if you don’t have the inside expertise. Check with your media contacts for good freelance writers. Or email marketing strategist Larry Bauer and the Mondovox Creative Group. We write and design award-winning newsletters as well as provide support services ranging from managing your marketing database to electronic distribution and real-time results tracking. Most importantly, we offer special expertise in the graphic arts industry.

Regardless of your approach, the takeaway is that you need to build credibility by demonstrating knowledge of the marketing issues impacting your customers. Then you have a chance of making the “A” list for your customer’s next strategy meeting. Newsletters can provide the vehicle.

— by Larry Bauer

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